Michael Barisone

Michael Barisone has been a long time clinician and friend to Marketa Matthews and her QLD riders. We have many wonderful cherished memories of the time spent with Michael here.

You’ve seen him on The Colbert Report, you’ve seen him on the US Olympic Team, now see him at Quarter Line Dressage in Chesterfield (St. Louis County), Missouri!

About Michael:
Michael grew up riding horses in upstate New York and has been based in the horse country of New Jersey for over 15 years, where he and wife Vera built their farm from the ground up.

Michael and Vera consistently produce upper-level dressage horses from young stock, selling many of them and keeping some to develop for themselves. Michael has over 100 career CDI Grand Prix wins on nine different horses that he produced himself to Grand Prix.
He was a member of the 1997 gold medal winning Nations Cup team at Hickstead, (England) and a member of the 2008 Olympic Team in Beijing. He has remained almost continuously listed by the USET for all major championships since 1992.

Michael’s involvement in dressage includes being a member of the USEF Board of Directors, hosting the Colbert Report on national television, and coaching the 2012 US Olympic Team for Three-Day Eventing. He has coached Olympians, WEG team members and dedicated adult amateurs. He was the 2009 Sportsman International Horseman of the Year.

For more info, go to http:// http://www.barisonedressageusa.com, and find him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BarisoneDressage.

Wondering whether Michael is a dressage snob who only wants to work with upper level horses? Read this comment written January 5, 2014 on a thread on the Chronicle of the Horse:

I caught this thread just tonight but my daughter had a Morgan similar to yours about 15 years ago. She was 13, wanting to compete novice horse trials (training 3 and 4), and her trainer was having no luck with helping my daughter to get him to stretch through his back and get round. The horse was permanently upside-down. … My daughter liked dressage about as much as the typical 13 year old eventer but my girlfriend raved about how Michael was different and worth my child coming to. …

Michael had my daughter’s problem fixed within 20 mins. She only took one lesson. … He has a gift of having the eye for what’s wrong AND the ability to also explain the problem and how to fix it in terms the rider understands and is able to execute successfully. You’d see less effort from the rider who was in better harmony with a happier, more relaxed horse. Finally, most of Michael’s riders that day were lower level, training and maybe first level riders. He does very well with inexperienced riders.

Read Dressage Today’s article, “Why Michael Barisone says “Never, Never Quit”, http://dressagetoday.com/article/quit-25516

Read Chronicle of the Horse blogger Lauren Sprieser’s article, “Michael Barisone Gave Great Lessons And A Kick In The Pants”, September 29, 2010, http://www.chronofhorse.com/article/michael-barisone-gave-great-lessons-and-kick-pants

Taffy Ross on Linden deep in conversation and learning with Michael Barisone
Marketa Matthews, Sarah Szachnieski & Michael Barisone – the coveted tiara was awarded to Sarah and her POA Tough.
Marketa Matthews on Tabitha ISF with Michael Barisone & Mary Pownall owner.