Kathy Rowse

Kathy Rowse

USDF L-Program instructor Kathy Rowse

Kathy Rowse works in hand with Taffy Ross & her horse Linden

Kathy has been riding and training dressage horses for well over 30 years. She credits the majority of her dressage training to Sharon Schneidman and to Jim Koford. She has also ridden with Patti Pierucci, Lars Peterson, Janet Foy, Jessica Ransenhausen and Julio Mendoza, and currently, she trains with Olivia LaGoy- Weltz.

Kathy believes that systemic, successful progression up the levels relies on a consistent program to develop a rider, and as with most rewarding philosophies, this program must be rooted in the basics. She emphasizes then that the horse must come through his back at all times in order to be correct. The results speak for themselves with happy horses who are working correctly, moving up the levels and scoring well in the show ring.

Kathy is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist, a USEF “S” judge and a member of the USDF “L” Faculty. She has numerous students – including USDF Region FEI Junior/Young Rider team members – who have earned their USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals as well. She coaches numerous Professionals, Adult Amateurs and Jr/ Young Riders up to and including the Grand Prix Level.